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Jul 21, 2023

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a British award-winning storyteller and philanthropist based in Los Angeles. Founder of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Ent. She's also the founder of the mind coaching practice Medcine with Words.

More importantly she's a Mom, a published author,  and mind coach. Through workshops and sessions, Elizabeth shares mindful tools to help others navigate life and live intentionally. She believes living with intention is important, making content matters, and going inward is the medicine for your words and rediscovering your life.


This Was A Powerful Episode On...

  • What's Life?
  • Rediscovering Your Life
  • Living Life With Intentions
  • Your Time Frame On Earth
  • Living In The NOW
  • Self-Awareness And Energy


Follow Her Social Channels: @Medicinewithwords, @Elizabeth_b_t